EXPLORE - CREATE - INSPIRE. Three words I live by. Photography & Film making is my passion. Capturing those awe inspiring moments around the globe to inspire, educate & share the beauty of the world we live in.
— Stan Moniz


Action & adventure  photographer /  film maker Stan Moniz was a water baby at birth, raised in the quite surf town of  Waialua, Hawaii. He became a professional body boarder at the age of 18 and remains an avid surfer today. His passion for music brought him to Southern California in 2000 and after a very successful career in a professional touring band, he ultimately set his sights on his other great passion: photography.

In 2010, he reacquainted himself with his love for the ocean, adventure and capturing the beauty of the world we live in. Stan, now equipped with a camera, travels the Earth, capturing those timeless moments to share with the world.

Throughout his travels in and out of the water Stan has gained notoriety amongst his peers and clients as being a creative that delivers and goes that extra mile. Stan has been a contributor and writer to a array of publications, websites, and to even cover of magazines. Stan is also speaker and a educator at heart giving back to the community of growing photographers passing along that fire to the next big dreamer to explore, create and inspire.