Sony A6300 review

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In my opinion the Sony A6300 is currently the best all around camera under $1000. What!?! Really!?! You might be asking why the A6300. For the short time I have had the camera I found it to be REALLY that good! I have to be honest I didn't fancy the A6000 to much. It was always a love / hate relationship between both of us. I kept banging my head against the wall with the files that the Sony A6000 would produce. Maybe, I had a bad copy who knows. To me sometimes the files would be full of life and at other times they would fall flat. In the case of the Sony A6300 that's a whole different story!

What ever Sony did to improve the newer A6300 hats off to you guys!!! For overall performance it takes the cake from its faster frame rate for wedding and action photography all the way to it's beautiful 4k video output. Lets not forget it's crazy improved auto focus and cleaner files at higher ISO. And let me be one of the first to tell you and not the the last. The image quality and files are fantastic!!!

I do own the Sony A7rII and yes it does produces a more beefier file at 42 megapixels verses the 24 that the A6300 outputs. The A7rII has image stabilization that the A6300 doesn't and the A7rII files are a bit cleaner at Higher ISO. But like with anything there will be the ups and downs of leaning toward one way or the other. On a perfect platform owning both the Sony A7rII and Sony A6300 is like having best of both worlds. But to be brutally honest! If I had to make one choice I would have to choose the Sony A6300.

Being a extreme photographer and versatile in a few fields of creating imagery I need a camera that can do it all. I REALLY spent a lot of time putting the Sony A6300 to the test! Testing it out in some heavy surf at the Wedge in Newport beach, doing portrait shoots on the beautiful hillsides and beaches of Laguna to testing out the 4k output at Yosemite national park and last but not least shooting the Milky Way rise above Mount Laguna. I've concluded that this camera lives up to the needs of a camera or video enthusiastic that wants a little bit of everything in a compact easy to lug around camera body.

 Here are my 5 reasons why I would recommend this camera to anyone that has been thinking about jumping into the world of mirriorless cameras or has the older Sony A6000 and is contemplating moving on to the newer model.

REASON 1 ( Auto-focusing & Frame rate )

The newly update on the auto focusing kicks major butt! Its been upgraded from 179 Phase-Detect Points on the older A6000 to a new 4D FOCUS with 425 Phase-Detect Points. Yep!!! What!!! And trust me it really shows. OK, so here are a few simple portrait images of my charming and beautiful wife Heidi. She can quite well bust out some great modeling poses but trust me she never stops blinking!!! HAHA sorry babe! With the A7rII it would take me a few minutes to get that perfect image and expression. With the 11fps that's no longer a problem. Especially with its insane eye detection and face recognition system forget about it. Your going to nail it each and every time!  For you portrait and especially wedding photographers out there this is HUGE!!! With 11fps You will never miss a moment ever again. The A6300 is currently my number one gun on any wedding job from here on out! The A7rII will sit there nice and pretty as my backup for the time being. Its OK a7rII I still adore you.

REASON 2 (UHD 4K Video Recording )

Man what a difference in video! With the now improved Super35mm recording area on the A6300 and effective 20MP (6000 x 3376) resolution, 2.4x oversampling renders greater detail and full pixel readout is possible, that is void of pixel binning, for higher quality imagery with reduced moiré and aliasing. I've previously worked with the A7rII in 4K and don't get me wrong it's awesome! But the quality that the A6300 can produce due to the the improvements stated above just looks rock solid! Much more punch, crispy and sharper compared to both the A7sII and A7rII especially in 4K. This alone has made me a fan of video once again. Hooray A6300! Hey and don't forget along with it's beautiful 4k output it also now does 1080p at 120fps that's pretty sweet!!!

REASON 3 (Custom Color Profiles and S-Log3 Gamma)

For you video fans that love to color grade. The Sony A6300 got it going on!!! I've been personally checking out all the older and newer profiles along with S-Log3 Gamma. Pretty ridiculous I have to say. My personal favorite is Cine4 with the New S-Gamut3.Cine. I'm loving the colors it produces especially the color rendition of skin tones.

REASON 4 ( A endless supply of lenses)

One of the best things I love about shooting with the Sony mirrorless system is it's endless possibility with lenses. The Sony mirriorless crop and full frame cameras have been spreading like wild fire! Everyone has been or currently on the run to creating products for these mirriorless dreams come true.  A selection of 3rd party manufactures are making adapters and specially lenses for this system which is pretty darn cool! Lots of extra gadgets as well. Such as grips, water housings, gimbal systems etc are a plentiful and easy to find online.

I personally use a variety of Tokina lenses which are Canon versions and a few Sony lenses native to the system. If you want my advice a new adapter has hit the market by Sigma called the MC-11. I absolutely LOVE this adapter for Canon and Sigma lens. I've tried a few adapters out on the market and trust me this is it! My Tokina lenses now feel like they were native to the system. If you want my personal opinion this is the adapter for you Canon shooters that are looking to move over to Sony.

REASON 5 ( Cleaner images at higher ISO )

      Sony A6300 with Tokina 11-20mm f2.8  Shot details = 11mm @ f2.8 @3200 ISO @30 second exposure

Everything was complete and my mind was almost made up. The last thing left on the plate to conclude this review on the A6300 was to test it out in the field at night. Let me tell you it passed its high ISO examination on a recent trip to capturing the Milky Way with flying colors!!! I wanted to see if the A6300 files could come close to in comparative to the A7rII. Guess what? It did!

Testing the camera at night was the finishing touches to this review. Next to capturing the beautiful chaos of a breaking wave in the ocean capturing the beauty of the night sky is a strong second. I personally knew if the A6300 couldn't pull it off or even come close to the clean files of the A7rII our love affair would be short lived. I'm happy to announce we're still together and everything couldn't be more perfect!

For anyone interested in the field of astrophotography and can't shell out the $3,000 - $3,200 for a brand new A7sII or A7rII. Do not hesitate to pick up one of these bad boys! I personally preferred setting my ISO from 1600 - 3200 max on these cameras. As you can see in the photo the Sony 6300 struck it quite well in the astrophotography department. Leaving me a happy camper and looking forward to our next date under the stars.


So I guess by now you get my point. This camera rocks right!?! I'm sure within a few months from now Sony will yet again release a new game changing camera. But for now the Sony A6300 is my NEW go to camera for basically everyday use. It's such a little beast of a camera it blows my mind!

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I really hope this short article has shed a little bit of light on the Sony camera mirriorless system. Especially to those of you that are thinking about making the jump to the APS-C market. If you have any further questions about the camera, lenses, or adapter don't hesitate to leave a comment below or send me a email. I will be more than happy to lend you a helping hand.