Stan teaches a wide variety of photography workshops from the beginner all the way to the experienced photographer in need of a pointer or two. Other than just hosting workshops on his own he has teamed up with Samy's cameras to offer real world hands on experience training in a creative learning environment while out in the field. These classes are designed to help you take your photography and digital editing skills to the next level. Photo tours and workshops available upon request for Laguna Beach, California and Joshua Tree national park.

1 hour local in Orange County, California $150
1 Participant: $600 / day (plus travel expenses if applicable)
2-4 Participants: $400 / day, per person (plus travel expenses if applicable)


A workshop I will remember for a lifetime. I found out about the course through Samy’s camera, it caught my eye and I was wanting to learn more about surf photography and photographing in the ocean. Not only was our instructor Stan Moniz willing to teach us the ins and outs about setting up our gear before going into the water, but he was grounded, personal, and down to earth.

This really made the class super enjoyable having someone who was passionate and wanting to teach others. Learning all the information I got that day, I really enjoyed the images from the class and the tips Stan gave along the way. Soak up as much information as you can and engage with the class, you’ll get the most out of it that way.

I highly recommend this course to any photographer beginner or professional wanting to expand their photos into the platform of water. As long as you are willing to participate, get out there into the water with your camera, you will learn so much from Stan and take home with you wonderful memories and incredible photographs as well.”

If you are ever having another workshop or need someone to speak about the experience, would love to come out and join you guys again.
— Natalie Duke
I’ve always been fascinated with astrophotography but it wasnt until I got the chance to go on a Workshop with Stan Moniz at Joshua Tree that I really had an opportunity to really do it and do it right. I learned so much in such a small period of time that made be even more excited about astrophotography than I already was. We learned how to prepare before the shot, what is the ideal equipment to use and most importantly what are the techniques to get a good night shot of the galaxy as well as some other tips on overall landscape, time lapse and night photography.

Stan was very helpfull but most of all he is a down to earth guy with a lot of knowledge that talks in a language we could all understand. He gave us all some 1 on 1 chance to answer all of our questions and just made it such a great experience.

I really had a great time and would do it all over again.
— Rigo Leon
Stan Moniz is an amazing and talented photographer. With his impressive portfolio and an informative blog/website, I decided to reach out to him to get advice on which Sony camera to purchase for my needs. Stan was very helpful, knowledgeable, and answered all of my questions. Once I purchased my Sony a6300 and my two lenses (a great walk around lens and one for action sports photography), I had the pleasure to take one of Stan’s one on one photography workshop to familiarize myself with my new camera and lens, and gain the basic knowledge and foundation to shoot landscape/portrait shots and action sports photography.

Stan’s excitement and passion shows through while he teaches you and he makes things easy to understand for a novice photographer like me without overwhelming you. He also taught me about the different types of filters and how to use them in different scenarios. I can’t wait to get some more experience under my belt. Stan is always there to provide guidance and share his vast knowledge even after the workshop.

I look forward to participating in his astrophotography and surf photography workshops! I highly recommend taking any of Stan’s workshops as they are definitely worth it and he will not disappoint! Thanks Stan for a great experience!
— Jen Mar
Stan has so much to offer when it comes to photography and he’s very open about sharing his trade to everyone else. He points you in the right direction but you have to be the one who gets the shot that you are looking for.

I have had the pleasure of spending some endless nights in the desert shooting stars and talking shop with Stan. Just being around him elevates your level of photography and just makes the experience memorable.
— Jeff Vasko