Shooting the Milky Way with the Hoya Intensifier

The Hoya Intensifier for astrophotography

The Intensifier cuts through light pollution like a knife! A great tool to have for any photographer interested in capturing the beauty of the night sky.
— Stan Moniz

How's it going guys? Stan here with a quick written explanation and video on how the Hoya intensifier works and how it can quickly help you capture cleaner and more beautiful images of the night sky. 

I myself have personally been using the intensifier for more then two years now yielding excellent results! Who would of known a filter could help you out even at night right!?! Well I have to say it. The intensifier is what I would call my SECRET weapon without a doubt!

So to get down to the point the Intensifier was traditionally used on fall foliage because the filter  increased color depth of reds. With this benefit in mind, I've actually  applyied it to my landscape photography and have been experimenting with the Intensifier during the sunrise and sunset.

Laguna Beach, California sunset using the Hoya Intensifier. 

The Intensifier has recently became a point of interest because not only do it increase saturation in reds, it also suppress a color band that sodium vapor lights give off. These are commonly found in our simple city lights, and as any night photographer knows street lights are the most common form of light pollution. 

Because of this when applied to your lens a noticeable amount of light pollution is cut out in your astro-photos. This also helps out BIG TIME in post production! 

If you haven't yet please do watch the video above as I take you through a few simple before and after samples as well as explaining why I use the Hoya Intensifier.  If you have any further questions on anything I may have not covered please leave a comment below or contact me here. I will do the best that I can to get back to you ASAP! Till next time!

If your considering purchasing the Hoya Intesifier I have links to them below in all available sizes. 

49mm 52mm 55mm 72mm 77mm