Just a crazy bunch of Hawaiians having fun! I decided to take a close friend off roading in my Jeep Renegade Trail Hawk. Having just received the Sony RX0 I was destined to see what this puppy could produce!

Attaching it to the front hood, side door panels and in the cabin itself. I came up with this short little edit. The Sony RX0 is truly a powerful tool in movie making and story telling. You better believe it that I will be making more short films with this little bad boy on my upcoming adventures.

Filmed at 24 & 60fps / Cine 2 Pro / AWB / ISO 200 / Program video mode

Edit in Adobe Premier Pro CC using Lumetri to color grade

As soon as I heard about the Release of the Sony RX0 I had to have one! Sony has advertised that this is NOT classified as a action cam and more of a device aimed at commercial video works etc. With no doubt it ceterainly is. But with its 15.3MP stacked 1 inch CMOS sensor in a super compact water and shock proof body I for seen it being a great addition to my bag of tricks for action and adventure.

Let’s just say it did not disappoint in both fields of photography & video. Amazing on the point focus, and dynamic range that was truly reminiscent of my Sony RX100V. Its so CRAZY SMALL and so darn fun to have around. It really increased my desire to story tell and create fun and inspiring short films.

Just being able to have it in my pocket and pull out at any moments notice with no fuss creating professional quality footage was already the game changer for me and a perfect reason to own the Sony RX0. YES! The Sony RX100V is compact in size already and full of more functions but the Sony RX0 has it beat hands down with being water proof & much smaller in size and so darn rugged! With it having both the same 1 inch sensor it does produce near to exact results.

If I was to point out the one thing that I see lacking and a concern to me most of all in the Sony RX0 Is its fight against low light. Because it's a fixed f4 it can suffer a bit when in video. But like anything there are the highs and lows in everything you buy. This camera is just so PERFECT for gimbal / slider work and even using it as a B camera to shoot and share photos and video of yourself and your A camera set up as pictured in a photo below. 

I've also found this camera to been EXTREMELY fun and versatile in the field of surf photography. With its 16 FPS burst mode capturing photos in RAW was a huge plus. This image below was captured during sunrise in Laguna beach, California.

I'M PRINTING THIS AND HANGING IT ON THE WALL! Captured in program photo mode @ 1250 shutter / ISO 200 / color balance sunny / burst mode. 

All images below were also captured with the Sony RX0. Like I mentioned before, for those looking for a B camera to capture the action and adventure on photo the RX0 is the one for you. For those that like to travel light and story tell creating inspiring films to share with the rest of the world the RX0 is also the one for you. Lets not forget how great the internal mic is on this thing. I couldn't believe it! You can get sense of how great it records sound from watching my video above. In my opinion the sound quality is much better then the Sony RX100V. You also have the ability to plug in a external mic which is a HUGE plus if desired which when using will cancel the onboard mic itself.

So what's next on my list of accessories for the Sony RX0 you might ask? I'm looking forward to the release of the Sony filter adapter kit for the RXO camera. This will allow me to attach ND filters and even polarizers to the front of the lens to obtain proper exposure while shooting in video mode. Allowing me to maintain that 180 rule or rule of double.

Till then the best bet is to put the camera in program video mode so it can properly set the shutter to achieve a well balanced exposure. YES of course it's not the best thing to do but in the mean time thats all we got.

It will also open the doors to the photo ability of the camera. Creating long exposed shots, etc. So much opportunity with this little guy its amazing! There are also a few other accessories such as a fully operating water proof housing that is constructed from a ground aluminum-alloy material that allows you to go down to 330 feet!

Another favorite of mine is the Sony cage for the RX0. It both protects, and adds accessory-mounting points to your RX0 Ultra-Compact Camera. A total of 35 1/4"-20 threaded holes are split between the top, bottom, and sides of this cage. For ease of operation, full access to the camera's buttons and ports is maintained when using the cage.

This cage is designed to quickly mount to, and detach from your RX0 camera. Use the cage to attach an on-board light, microphone, on-board monitor, external recording device, or other accessories to your RX0 Ultra-Compact Camera.

With all that said I can't wait to take this along with me on my next adventure to EXPLORE, CREATE, & INSPIRE. I hope you enjoyed the short video and the photos provided. If you are deciding to purchase the Sony RX0 please consider clicking on one of the links as it helps run the website and the fuel to the fire. And as always if you have any questions or comments I will be more then happy to help you out.

You can pick up the Sony RX0 HERE / water housing HERE / filter kit HERE / RX0 cage HERE

Till next time guys, have a great one!