Whats up gang! So stoked to finally share with you some of my go to photography presets. It’s finally here! Each one designed for a specific purpose and look in mind.
— Stan Moniz

What are presets?

A preset is basically a saved setting either in Adobe LightRoom or Phase One Capture One Pro which can be easy applied to an imported image to instantly achieve a desired look. These presets can include a pre determined white balance, shadows and highlight effects, tones, curves and even sharpness and noise reduction. These presets speed up and facilitate the process of photo post processing.

Why purchase my personalized presets?

There are thousands of preset packs available for download from the web. Why should you purchase my pack? It all comes to one simple thing. If you’re inspired and enjoy the look and flow of how I personally edit my photos in post processing, then these presets are ideal. These are those fundamental settings that will help you achieve a similar look to your photos with a few slider adjustments here. I’ve crafted over the years a handful of presets for a specific purpose and look in mind. For example, take a look at any one of my presets in my first pack available. The “Astro pack”.

Every single preset is tailored to maximize a certain aesthetic . They can pull out clean details on the surface of the moon or control the variable highlights of a blooming aurora light show. If you’re also new to post processing these presets will offer a great advantage for you and can kickstart the editing process, helping you to get your creative post processing vibes flowing.

They’re all available now for you to download and make your own. Please do click on each preset to see what enhancements each one was created to unlock. Also, if you feel like all presets in each category would benefit you, take advantage of the full pack and save $10. Again, Thank you and aloha for stopping by! I can’t wait to see what you all create. Yewwwwww!!!

How to install presets?

For Adobe LightRoom presets - Installing it from your desktop or laptop is highly recommend.

1. After you have purchased a preset a .xmp file will be available for you to download. Save them to an easy to find place like a folder on your desktop or laptop. “FOR THE PRESET PACK THIS WILL BE A ZIP FOLDER”. You can then click on the zip folder, unzipping all the available preset .xmp files.

2. Open Adobe LightRoom then navigate to the left sidebar and find the “Presets” tab. Next step is to click on the “+” icon.

3. Select and import “Preset” from that easy to find place on your computer. After this process has been completed, navigate to your downloaded preset files to find your newly installed preset. From there, you can make a folder of your own or save it as a favorite.